13 Things To Do Uluwatu Bali for Your Holiday

Explore Uluwatu's top 11 activities: stunning beaches, Kecak dance, Uluwatu Temple, surfing, and unique airbnb to stay,

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

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Uluwatu, with its stunning coastal cliffs, vibrant cultural scene, and pristine beaches, offers many tourist activities whether you're a solo traveler or visiting with your partner or family and friends.

It is a fantastic place with beautiful beaches, exciting surf spots, and a fascinating culture. Whether you love adventure, like surfing, or want to relax and try yoga with a view of the ocean, Uluwatu has something special. In this blog post, we'll share what makes Uluwatu a great place to visit and explore all the fun and exciting things you can do here.

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Getting Around Uluwatu

Getting around to Uluwatu is easy if you do any of these activities. You can book a private car, or Grab & GoJek will drop you off at any of these places, especially if you are going out drinking. Read more on how to get around Bali.

13 Things to Do in Uluwatu Bali

Here are the activities you can do around Uluwatu.

Visit Uluwatu Temple

Things To Do Uluwatu Bali

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Explore this magnificent Uluwatu temple on an overlooking cliff 70 meters above the Indian Ocean. It's a significant spiritual site that offers breathtaking sunset views and a chance to witness the traditional Kecak fire dance performance.

Watch the Kecak Fire Dance

Things To Do Uluwatu Bali

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Experience the captivating Kecak dance, a performance that combines chanting, dance, and drama against the backdrop of Uluwatu Temple at sunset. It's a cultural spectacle that tells the epic tale of Ramayana.

Surf at Uluwatu Beaches

Things To Do Uluwatu Bali

Surf at Ulwuatu

Known for its world-class surf breaks, Uluwatu is a surfer's paradise. Whether you're an experienced surfer looking to challenge yourself on the waves or a beginner eager to learn, Uluwatu has spots suitable for all levels. Learn to surf at one of Uluwatu's beginner-friendly beaches. Local surf schools offer lessons for all ages and skill levels, providing an opportunity to ride the waves of the famous Bali waves.

>> Read more about the best surf beaches in Bali and surf camps around Bali you could choose from.

Get a Day Spa Pass in Istana

Things To Do Uluwatu Bali

Istana Bali

Relax on the cliff views of Istana and get a day pass at Istana. The price starts at $10 USD or IDR 150,000. You can use their cold bath, sauna, and pool. If you also want to experience more advanced wellness technology, check out their Cryotherapy and Sensory Deprivation Tanks to help you relax and push your body to limits. 

Explore the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Visit this cultural park to see the iconic Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, one of the giant statues in Indonesia, and immerse yourself in cultural performances, exhibitions, and panoramic views.

Book a Helicopter Tour around Uluwatu

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

Discover Bali's breathtaking sights by soaring over its clear blue beaches and rugged cliffs. Take the chance to capture a stunning view of Garuda Wisnu, Indonesia's tallest statue.

Dine at Cliff View Restaurants and Bars 

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

Enjoy Uluwatu cliff-top bars, restaurants' vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and stunning ocean views. You can choose from the famous quiet to live music and DJ sets bars here

Join a Yoga Class

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

With its serene environment, Uluwatu is the perfect place to practice yoga. Join a class or a retreat at one of the many studios or resorts offering sessions with breathtaking views.

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Take a Cliff-Top Walk & Enjoy the Sunsets

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

Discover the stunning coastline of Uluwatu by walking along the cliff tops. Visit Karang Boma Cliff, which offers spectacular ocean views, beaches, and lush landscapes, and enjoy the sunsets.

Explore Hidden Beaches

Things To Do Uluwatu Bal

Choose from the famous beaches featured in "Eat, Pray, Love," Padang Padang, known for its crystal-clear waters and soft sandy shores, or seek out hidden gems like Bingin Beach, Suluban Beach, and Thomas Beach for a more secluded beach experience. These spots offer great surfing, relaxing atmospheres, and scenic beauty.

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Check Bali's Views with Paragliding around Uluwatu

If you want a more affordable option to experience Uluwatu's beauty in the sky, try paragliding around Melasti Beach. You can see all the beautiful cliff house villas and the Melasti and Pandawa beach statues. 

Book your paragliding experience for today, and read more about paragliding around Bali. 

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Experience the Nightlife in Uluwatu

Party at this exclusive cliff-top day club, which features international DJs, luxurious pools, and stunning ocean views, offering a unique day-to-night experience.

One of the unique villas you can book in Bali is this private jet villa that showcases the views of Nyang Nyang beach.

If we miss any activities in Uluwatu you want us to include, send us a message, and we would be more than happy to update our list. 

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