Must Visit Beaches in Uluwatu Bali You Shouldn't Miss

Check Out Bali's Beautiful Beaches in Uluwatu. Whether you're looking to chill out or catch some waves, this guide has all the insider tips for a super fun beach trip in Bali.

Must Visit Beaches in Uluwatu Bali

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Uluwatu is known for its waves and beautiful white beaches in Bali. In this blog post, I'll share the list of Uluwatu beaches you shouldn't miss, entrance fees, and parking fees so you can enjoy the white sand, great waves for surfing, fantastic sea cliffs, and stunning sunsets.

Here's our map guide for the list of Uluwatu beaches you can choose from.

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Must Visit Beaches in Uluwatu Bali

What do you need to know before visiting the Beaches in Uluwatu?

Before visiting the beaches in Uluwatu, read our post about everything you need to know before you go to Bali. We shared a lot of tips to help you guide before visiting Bali, like how to get around Bali, how to get a prepaid SIM card, and other essential things to know about Bali.

Here are a few more things to keep in mind if you want to visit the beaches in Uluwatu Bali:

  • The majority of the beach and parking fees in Uluwatu accept cash only, even the local warung. 

  • Some beaches in Uluwatu still don't have a mobile service, so booking a GoRide through GoJek or Grab app if you don't have a drive scooter might be challenging. Still, you can always book through a local on some beaches like Nyang Nyang. There is a local service you can easily book. 

Ready to choose to visit the beaches in Uluwatu? Here's our list to help you decide!

Best Beaches in Uluwatu Bali

Here are the beaches in Uluwatu you can choose from.

🏖️Padang Padang Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


Padang Padang Beach, also known as Labuan Sait Beach, is one of the most famous beaches because of the movie Eat, Pray, Love, which was filmed in Bali. It is hidden among high limestone cliffs. It has a private and cozy feel that you'll quickly love. You can get to this clean, golden sand beach through a small rock crack. It's a favorite spot for surfers, sunbathers, and movie fans because its bright blue waters are perfect for a cool swim or just relaxing in the sun on the sandy shore.

🏖️Bingin Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


Bingin Beach in Uluwatu is a paradise for surfers and thrill-seekers. It's at the base of a cliff and can be reached by a carved staircase, offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The beach's waves attract skilled surfers globally, forming a lively surfing community. Although it may not be suitable for beginners, Bingin Beach is a great place for relaxation, sunbathing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery, even for non-surfers. There's no entrance fee to the beach, but if you bring a scooter or car, bring small change for parking.

🏖️Nyang Nyang Beach - Editor's Choice

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


If you're looking for a quiet, private beach, Nyang Nyang Beach in Uluwatu is a top choice. Cliffs surround this beautiful beach and can be reached by a 30-minute walk through hills and farmland. The beach offers stunning sea views and a peaceful atmosphere. It's relatively quiet and is a favorite spot for experienced surfers. It's also a great place for beachcombing, sunbathing, and taking photos of nature. While there's no fixed entry fee, you're encouraged to give a small donation. Remember to bring some change for this and parking. From this beach, you can also see the famous airplane hotel overlooking the beach.

🏖️Dreamland Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


Dreamland Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Uluwatu. It's like the new Kuta, and this is an excellent spot for families, surfers, and beach lovers. It's one of the top beaches in Uluwatu. People love it for its soft white sand and peaceful waters, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The waves here in Dreamland can be extra strong, so always be mindful when swimming on this beach. While the beach is free to enter, there's a small charge for parking and extras like beach chairs and sunbeds.

🏖️Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is a popular surfing spot during the dry season. It's also perfect for relaxing walks, sunbathing, and watching sunsets. The local eateries around the beach offer tasty Indonesian food with a great view, all at a reasonable price. There's no entrance fee for the beach, but it's better to bring money for parking. Balangan's beautiful beach has white sand and blue waves, making it a great place for sunset views. It's also a popular spot for pre-wedding photoshoots due to the stunning ocean and coastline views from the cliff above. Despite its popularity, it's still relatively quiet and not overly commercialized. You can reach the beach by going down some stairs.

🏖️Thomas Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


Thomas Beach, nestled between Padang Padang Beach and Suluban Beach, is one of the best beaches in Uluwatu as it offers a slice of secluded paradise. It is the perfect spot for those seeking a more laid-back and less touristy experience. You must go through quite a steep walk to indulge in this private beach experience amid the 200-meter stretch of silky white sand. But all steps will be worth every step. There is no entrance fee to access Thomas Beach; sunbeds and beach umbrellas are available for rent.

🏖️Suluban Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali

Suluban Beach, also known as Blue Point Beach, is a hidden treasure you can reach through a cave-like entrance in the cliffs. It's stunning beauty and great surfing spots make it one of the top beaches in Uluwatu. Because it's hidden away, the beach is peaceful and not too crowded but still lively. However, it could be better for sunbathing due to its small sandy area. You can visit Suluban Beach for free, but you may need to pay for parking depending on how you get there.

🏖️Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach is a hidden gem in Uluwatu that's worth visiting. You'll need to climb many steps on a cliff to get there. The beach gets its name from the green algae on the rocks that you can see at low tide. This adds a unique touch to the white sandy beach. 

BGB TIP: There's no mobile data service once you get to the beach.

🏖️Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is one of the beaches in Uluwatu that's becoming more famous because of its cliffs and breathtaking views. The beach's name came from the Hindu Melasti cleansing ceremony held annually on its shores. Although swimming can be challenging due to strong currents, Melasti Beach offers beautiful views and is best for relaxing since it has a long stretch of beach.

BGB Tip - Experience Melastic from a different view; try paragliding around this area. Read more on paragliding in Bali.

🏖️Nunggalan Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


It is known for its white sand beaches and the shipwreck Instagram pictures. Nunggalan Beach, you can walk quickly down and get quite a challenge back up, but with the beauty of this beach, you'll rewarded with a vast private beach and an incredible wooden shipwreck for pictures.

🏖️Pemutih Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali

Known for its good surfing waves, Pemutih's Beach cliffside is also a treat, especially for the hotels nearby, and you can enjoy the lovely small white sand beach.

🏖️Gunung Payung Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


Gunung Payung is a hidden beach overlooking cliffs and a quiet Hindu temple. You have to walk a long stairway to the beach, but it's all yours. If you walk along the coast, there's even a giant sea cave.

🏖️Tegal Wangi Beach

Beaches in Uluwatu Bali


This small beach is about 30 minutes away from Uluwatu Temple. My favorite part about this one is the giant sea cave, but it's also known as a great place to catch the sunset. There are two sea caves on the beach, but you must walk farther to find the best one.

  • Entrance Fee - No entrance Fee

  • Location: The entrance to the beach is temporarily closed to the public.

There you have it; whether you are a surfer or not, beaches in Uluwatu offer a variety mix of cliffs and a long stretch of shores. Let us know your favorite in Uluwatu's beaches.

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