12 Best Surf Camp Bali | Guide How to Choose Surf Camp in Bali

Discover Bali's top surf camps! Your guide to choosing the perfect one for an epic surf adventure.Discover Bali's top surf camps!

Best Surf Camp Bali

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The experience of learning to surf in Bali is one that you will never forget. The gorgeous island has great waves, white sand beaches, and a lively atmosphere that will impress even the most seasoned surfer.

It's not just a great way to have a good time and reap some benefits, but there are breathtaking sights you can only see from the board. Bali, Indonesia, also has some of the best weather and most stunning sunsets you can imagine all year round.

Guide How to Choose Surf Camp in Bali

Why Pick Bali as Your Surfing Destination?

Bali is the best place to eat, sleep, surf, and repeat your vacation every day. Here are reasons you should include Surf Camps in Bali on your travel bucket list.

  1. Stunning Beaches: Bali is home to many beautiful beaches with soft sands and scenic vistas around the coast. The variety of surf breaks makes it suitable for surfers of all skill levels.

  2. Waves for ALL Seasons: The waves in Bali are reliable, making it a surfer's paradise. You can always count on consistent waves, giving surfers of all experience levels several chances to score a memorable ride.

  3. Incredible Surfing Culture: Culture of SurfingBali's energetic surfing culture is contagious. If you're into surfing, this is a great place to meet people who share your interests because everyone is so kind.

  4. Variety of Surf Schools: If you're interested in learning to surf or honing your skills as an experienced surfer, Bali has many surf schools and instructors to meet your demands.

  5. Friendly Balinese Hospitality: Warm and welcoming, the Balinese people are well-known for their generous hospitality. As you learn more about the local customs, you'll feel more at ease there.

  6. Epic Stunning Sunsets: Bali sunsets are world-famous for their majesty. Relax on the beach after a day of surfing and take in the breathtaking sunset.

  7. Beautiful Scenery: Beyond the surf, Bali's natural beauty is awe-inspiring. The lush jungles, cascading waterfalls, and serene rice terraces offer endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The appeal of Bali as a surfing paradise is obvious. You can improve your surfing skills while experiencing a rich cultural heritage and admiring the natural splendor of this Indonesian treasure. Bali is the place to go for a once-in-a-lifetime surfing vacation. Visit our tropical paradise and feel the thrill of riding the waves for yourself!

🏄‍♂️When is the best time of year to join surf camp in Bali?

Bali's waves are great for surfing any time of the year, making it a year-round destination. The months of October through April are ideal for beginner students. The waves are typically more manageable for beginners to surf during this time. Don't be discouraged by the summer's bigger waves; a good surf camp will work with your skill level and transport you to waves that are a good fit.

However, the type of waves and the location that's best varies according to season:

  1. Dry Season (May - September)- This is when the best waves on the peninsula's western side, notably Uluwatu and Canggu, may be found. The winds are blowing from the west, and the waves are bigger and more powerful.

  2. Wet season (October to April) - The east coast becomes the primary attraction. Popular tourist destinations include Nusa Dua and Sanur. Onshore breezes on the west coast are common during this season, making conditions less favorable for surfing.

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Best Surf Camp Bali

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What are the best areas for surf camps in Bali?

The Island of Bali is a surfer's paradise with a long shore with many different surf spots, from easy for beginners to big for pros. Here are the areas you can consider for your surf camp in Bali.

  1. Kuta or Seminyak Beach: The most famous beach, so it's great for first-timers. It's highly suggested to choose surf schools here because it has long sandy breaks and steady waves.

  2. Canggu: These beaches are great and have different waves for beginner and advanced surfers.

  3. Uluwatu: Located in the Bukit Peninsula, it is known for its big waves and famous temple on a cliff. It works best for experienced surfers.

  4. Medewi: The beaches in Medewi are excellent for long rides, longboarders, and people who want to get better at turning.

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How much does it typically cost to attend a surf camp in Bali?

When considering a surf camp in Bali, it's important to factor in various costs, including tuition, accommodation, and additional amenities. Here's a breakdown of potential expenses:


Average Cost (USD)

One week of lessons

$100 - $300


$10 - $100 per night

Board rental

$5 - $15 per day

Food & Drink

$10 - $30 per day


$5 - $20 per day

Note: Prices can vary based on the location and quality of the camp.

🏄‍♂️Are surf camps in Bali beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! Bali is a great place to learn how to surf. Many surf schools and camps are made especially for people who have never surfed. These camps have soft-top longboards, making learning to balance and ride the board easy. Their teaching method is step-by-step, starting with basic safety rules, understanding how the ocean works, standing on the board for the first time, and getting the first white-water waves. Also, they usually keep the number of students to teachers low so that each learner can get the care and help they need.

Best Surf Camp Bali

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🏄‍♂️What to pack for a surf camp in Bali?

Surfing in Bali is a dream come true for adventure seekers. With its stunning beaches and consistent waves, this Indonesian paradise is a top spot for surf camps. To ensure your surf camp experience is a breeze, here's a concise list of essentials to pack:

  1. Sunscreen (Water-resistant, High SPF): Bali's intense tropical sun requires skin & sun protection. Pack a water-resistant sunscreen with a high SPF to shield your skin while riding the waves.

  2. Rash Guard or Surf Shirt: Prioritize comfort and protection by packing a rash guard or surf shirt. It not only guards against sunburn but also adds insulation against scrapes and rashes from your board's rough surface.

  3. Waterproof Camera: Bali's beauty deserves to be captured. Bring a quality waterproof camera to document your adventures in crystal-clear waters without worrying about water damage.

  4. Boardshorts/Boardies: Don't forget your surf-friendly attire for maximum comfort and mobility in the water.

  5. Surfboard and Leash: Ensure your surfboard is in top condition and equipped with a reliable leash to prevent it from drifting away in the waves.

  6. First Aid Kit: Accidents can happen, so carry a basic kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and personal medications.

  7. Water Bottle: Stay hydrated in the tropical heat by bringing a reusable water bottle.

  8. Snacks: Keep your energy levels up during long surf sessions with snacks like granola bars, nuts, or dried fruit.

With these essentials packed, you'll be well-equipped for your Bali surf camp adventure. Now, hit the waves, create unforgettable memories, and make the most of your time in this surfer's paradise!

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Best Surf Camp Bali

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🏄‍♂️How do I choose the right surf camp for me?

When selecting the perfect surf camp for your upcoming adventure, some factors should guide your decision-making. Here's a concise list of considerations to ensure you choose the ideal surf camp specifically tailored to your needs and preferences:

  1. Location: One of the first things to check is the surf camp's location. Look for a surf camp situated near renowned surf spots. In Bali, for instance, numerous surf camps are strategically located near famous breaks like Padang Padang, Uluwatu, and Canggu. Proximity to these world-class waves ensures convenient access for your daily surf sessions, whether a short walk or a drive away.

  2. Reviews and Recommendations: Before committing to a surf camp, get reviews and recommendations from fellow surfers who have experienced it firsthand. Seek surf camps with positive feedback, particularly regarding their instructors and the overall surf experience. Real-life testimonials provide valuable insights into whether a surf camp aligns with your goals and skill level.

  3. Instructors: The instructors' expertise and credentials are essential to your surf camp experience. Apart from qualifications, try to experience if their guiding skills make you confident and empowered to conquer the waves of Bali skills to have fun and safely.

  4. Group Size: Consider the size of the surf camp groups. Smaller groups offer more personalized attention and one-on-one instruction. This facilitates accelerated learning and rapid skill improvement as you ride the waves.

  5. Facilities: Evaluate the facilities available at the surf camp. Some camps offer equipment rental, sparing you the burden of carrying heavy gear or the expense of purchasing a board during your stay. Furthermore, consider your accommodation preferences, whether you favor dorm-style rooms or private bungalows. On-site or nearby dining options are also advantageous, providing convenience and ensuring you're well-fed during your surf camp adventure.

🏄‍♂️Surf Camp in Uluwatu Bali

Uluwatu has been a home for many surfing enthusiasts; in some seasons, the waves in this area of Bali are very welcoming to beginners. Here's our list of surf camps in Uluwatu you should consider.

🤙Dreamsea Uluwatu

Best Surf Camp Bali

View from Dream Sea Surf Camp | Photo Credit from @adebuiatti

Dreamsea Uluwatu is a beachfront camp providing guests with an unforgettable Bali adventure. Dreamsea is an excellent option for a surfer searching for more than just a bed and a shower, thanks to its convenient location directly above the water and its many fun amenities. The camp in Bali is located near some of the best surf spots in the world, and its package deals include using a semi-private beach.

They also offer private chefs to prepare vegan and vegetarian meals for the more spiritually inclined traveler, and yoga sessions are available. Dreamsea also provides day trips to the island's many temples, markets, and festivals, and its location on the Bukit Peninsula makes it an excellent base from which to discover the rest of the island. This camp has everything whether you want to surf perfect waves, connect with nature, or relax. Don't miss out on booking at Dream Sea.

🤙Rapture Surf Camp

Best Surf Camp Bali

Rapture Surf Camp's common area is already a welcoming vibe.

Rapture Surf Camp is widely regarded as one of Bali's best surf schools. They have surf camps in four different areas of Bali (Green Bowl, Padang Padang, Canggu, and Seminyak), but if you're going to be there for more than a few s, you should sign up for one in Padang Padang or Green Bowl. Their Green Bowl camp is positioned on the cliffs of Uluwatu, while the Padang Padang camp is located at the westernmost tip of the island.

Rapture Surf Camp has been giving lessons for over a decade, and their teachers have the experience to take novices to waves that are appropriate for them, as well as show intermediate and advanced surfers the best places to paddle in and out at waves all over the Bukit Peninsula.

Budget-friendly dorms are offered, while visitors looking for a more luxurious stay can choose from suites and bungalows. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and supper), video analysis, and fitness courses are included during the surf camp. Rapture is undoubtedly one of the best Bali surf camps overall in Bali.

🤙 Padang Padang Surf Camp

Best Surf Camp Bali

Students of Padang Padang Surf Cam are waiting for the waves.

Padang Padang Surf Camp is situated near the surf break, so great that it was given two names. Although only advanced surfers should attempt Padang Padang's wave, novices can try their luck at the break across the beach, known as "Baby Padang Padang." Among the few surf camps in Bali, Padang Padang Surf Camp welcomes surfers of all skill levels. Popular destinations like Uluwatu and Bingin will also be within easy reach.

Airport pickup, daily surf lessons, yoga in an outdoor classroom, and individualized instruction from seasoned pros (complete with video analysis) are just some of the amenities offered by surf camps that can accommodate visits of any length. Hot water, air conditioning, and wireless internet are standard in dorms and villas.

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Surf Camp in Canggu Bali

Before Canggu quickly became one of the most well-known locations for digital nomads, it was already famous as a surfing spot in Bali. Here are some surfer camps you can consider trying in Canggu.

🤙Lapoint Bali

Best Surf Camp Bali

Views from Lapoint's accommodations | Photo credit from @maja_pedersen_

Lapoint Bali is the place to go if you want to mix work with surfing. Buzz between the cafes, beach markets, and bars of Canggu's Echo Beach. Lapoint Surf Camp is a global brand with locations all over the globe.

The rooms are large and tidy, and several different packages are available. You can choose from various sleeping arrangements, including a dorm, twin, or double room. A lovely night's sleep is exactly what we all want after a day on the water, and at Lapoint Bali, all rooms include amenities like air conditioning, hot water, and comfortable beds. Each room has contemporary conveniences and overlooks a tranquil Balinese garden; guests can access several communal areas. In addition to the beach, Lapoint also features two swimming pools and a volleyball court.

🤙Wave House Bali

Best Surf Camp Bali

Students learning the basics stand from Wave House Coaches.

Wave House Bali is located in the scenic Canggu district, just a short distance from the world-famous surf break in Berawa. When you're not out on the waves, you may unwind in one of their two pools or on one of their sunbeds with an icy beverage. The surf camps at Wave House provide lodging, daily surf sessions, video and photo analysis, rental equipment, theory classes, and various other amenities like free bike rentals and access to a gym. If you are only curious about the surf scene in Bali, shorter camps and one-time lessons are also offered.

The lodgings are state-of-the-art and range from inexpensive dorms to plush individual apartments. The showers and restrooms are spotless and well-maintained. Wi-Fi can be accessed from everywhere on the premises. The surf camp also has a fitness center and yoga studio for campers to use throughout their stay. Fitness center and yoga studio for campers to use throughout their stay.

🤙Pro Surf School

Best Surf Camp Bali

Pro Surf students get a briefing before jumping into the waves.

Pro Surf School is one of the most surf-centric options because they have a camp in Canggu and Kuta. They are known for being a fantastic Bali surf camp for beginners, so everyone is stoked to join their classes. Bali has an increasing number of high-quality surf camps, making it difficult to single out a single establishment as the most excellent option for visiting surfers.

Having been rated the finest Bali surf camp three times by Lonely Planet, they boast first-time surfers are catching waves within an hour. Pro Surf School is a partner of Billabong. It is a fantastic place for first-timers to surf; their surf guides will take you wherever you want. Every week, there is Wine Wednesday, and every Sunday, there is a BBQ. If you want to do something other than surf while you're there, they provide tours of the entire island. Stay in a friendly, air-conditioned hotel as you wait for the tide in their beachfront pool and bar. Wi-Fi is also offered.

🤙The Chill House

Best Surf Camp Bali

Relax by the pool after a surfing session in Chill House.

The Chill House in Canggu is an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to surf in a low-key, slow-paced setting. Since it's a small camp, it's a bit more private than the other choices. A daily clean breakfast and one free yoga class are included in the price of a room. The best thing about this camp is that you can stay in "the commune," a private house on the property that gives you more time.

The Chill House in Canggu is a great place to stay if you want a home with three beds, a private kitchen, and a private pool. It is also a great place to stay if you are going to Bali with your family.

🤙Mojo Surf

Best Surf Camp Bali

Socialize at the Mojo's common area.

Mojo Surf's hostel is one of the newest on Bali and provides a relaxed, air-conditioned haven from the island's sensory onslaught. They have an unbeatable position, as Echo Beach is only five minutes away. Mojo Surf Hostel provides guests with free WiFi, Western and Balinese dinners, and a nightly happy hour. The dedicated surfer will love this spot. They also offer surf camp in Nusa Lembongan if you want to experience a different island vibe.

🏄‍♂️Surf Camp in Bali Kuta & Seminyak

🤙Surf Goddess Retreat

Best Surf Camp Bali

Goddess Retreats regularly organizes retreats around Bali.

The Surf Goddess Retreat organizes is a yoga, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding camp for women. This surf camp is one of the most known surf retreats on the island, so you can expect to feel pampered and revitalized after your stay. All meals, excursions, and spa services are provided during their seven-day program. Yes, it's limitless. There is a wide range of possible lodgings, from a shared dorm room and shower to a luxury villa with a pool.

This surf camp goes above and beyond the norm by including thoughtful extras like a goodie bag, guided meditations, and motivation cards. Their offerings is perfect for new and intermediate female surfers. However, more advanced surfers may choose another option. And if you want to plan your trip around flat surf conditions so you can spend every day in the spa, Surf Goddess Retreat might be the best for you.

🤙Kima Surf Camp

Best Surf Camp Bali

Kima Surf's outstanding facilities are perfect for any traveler.

Kima Surf Camp has been providing expert surf instruction and coaching since 1995. In addition to being an affordable vacation spot, this camp offers several entertaining activities, such as a weekly BBQ, yoga sessions designed for surfers, and group outings. The beach breakers of Seminyak are easily accessible on foot, making them ideal for novice surfers, while more experienced surfers can go further to places like Kuta Reef.

Private rooms are available, each with its bathroom and a charming patio perfect for watching the sunset. All rooms have air conditioning, hot water, and fresh air circulation. You can easily reach the area's many beach clubs and lively bars from the center of Seminyak.

🏄‍♂️Other Surf Camps in Bali

If you want to experience other areas in Bali for Surf Camp, you can try the neighboring island of Bali in Nusa Lembongan or Medewi. Here's our recommended surf camp you might want to consider.

🤙Isla Indah Retreat

Best Surf Camp Bali

Isla Indah students and Instructors

There's something for everyone to enjoy, from energizing morning yoga and meditation classes to exciting surf lessons and snorkeling with manta rays. The retreat also has unique training for beginners to learn how to freedive, which lets you get to know Bali's marine life.

Here, you can stay in traditional garden huts for up to seven days and eat at a healthy restaurant for surfers, freedivers, and yogis. It's a great way to reconnect with yourself and the ocean.

🤙Brown Sugar Surf Camp

Best Surf Camp Bali

Brown Sugar Surf Camp

Brown Sugar Surf Camp, located at one of Bali's most well-known surf breaks (Medewi), caters to beginners and more experienced surfers. After getting the hang of things at one of the local beach breaks, you may progress to one of the longest left-hand point breakers in the world and start pushing your turns and riding green waves.

The camp is constructed in a traditional Balinese style and features fan and air conditioning choices; all rooms face out over the camp's refreshing swimming pool. Brown Sugar provides surf lessons, day trips, and moped rentals so you can get out and see the area at your own pace.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, Bali is a beautiful island and a great place for surfers. Bali's surf camps are a unique mix of culture, nature, and world-class waves. These camps are the perfect place to start for anyone who wants to dive into the exciting world of surfing and the rich Balinese culture simultaneously. Their well-thought-out locations, customized programs, and skilled trainers make sure that players not only ride the waves but also go home with many memories, new skills, and a deep love for the sport. Surf camps in Bali are more than just a place to learn how to surf; they are a trip of self-discovery set to the beat of the ocean.

So check out one of these surf camps in Bali, and let me know what you think! Is there any surf camp in Bali we missed? Send us a message, and we'll happily update our list.

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