Best Paragliding in Bali, Unforgettable Experience

Try Bali's breathtaking landscapes from the sky, here's our essential paragliding guide: top locations, safety, and seasons. Adventure of a lifetime!

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Curious to see the beauty of Bali above the sky? Paragliding in Bali is one of the new activities you shouldn't miss trying on the Island of Gods. Known for its cliffs and strong winds, Uluwatu is the best area in Bali to try this activity.

In this blog post, I'll share the dos and don'ts before joining paragliding tours and the best time to do it.

Paragliding in Bali

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What is paragliding, and why do it paragliding in Bali?

Paragliding is a lightweight glider aircraft, close to a gliding parachute by its construction. The paraglider is easy to fly, has no physical limitations, and is enough for the person to have minimum health conditions compatible with the flight. 

Paragliding in Bali is for everyone, whether an experienced paraglider or a newbie eager for a tandem adventure. This activity was very worth it; the team's hospitality and efficiency in handling inquiries and transportation made my experience enjoyable, hassle-free, and memorable. 

Is Paragliding Safe in Bali?

Paragliding in Bali is generally safe; most tour operators have very high standards followed they followed. These companies stick to international safety rules and carefully check the weather. They want to make sure everything is just right for flying. If the weather or wind changes in a way that could make paragliding unsafe, they're quick to send messages to cancel or reschedule. To put your safety first and their team. 

When is the Best Time to Do Paragliding in Bali?

In Bali, the best time for paragliding is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. This time of year offers clear skies and the perfect wind conditions for a smooth and enjoyable flight. Paragliding relies on stable weather to ensure safety and the best experience. 

During the dry season, the winds are more predictable, and the chance of rain interrupting your adventure is lower. This makes it easier for pilots to manage the paraglider and provides you with breathtaking views of Bali's beautiful landscapes without any worries. The tour companies in Bali always check the weather and send message updates, but also consult before planning your flight to ensure the safest and most enjoyable experience.

How much is the paragliding in Bali? 

I booked for my friend and I paid $97 USD each. We booked ours with Timbis Paragliding without any pick-up or drop-off since we had our own driver.

What To Expect in Paragliding in Bali? 

I booked mine with Timbis Paragliding, and most tours offer a package to document your experience. I booked with them because they give you a GoPro during the flight, and you can keep the memory card. So it's worth it to include it in your activities.

After I signed up, the take-off was from the hill, and I landed in a small area on a cliff near Pandawa and Melasti Beach. The instructor controls the parachute so that the flight will be safe and comfortable for you. 

You must arrive at the base at the agreed time when you booked your flight, depending on which base you would like to start. But other tours are offered at Nyang Nyang Beach, Pandawa Beach, and Melasti Beach. 

We signed a waiver when we arrived and were introduced to the instructor, who gave us all the safety equipment. Then, we were briefed and went to the start of the jump-off area. Paragliders take off in strict order, so you must wait for your turn.

The flight with the instructor took 15 minutes, and we chose Melastic Beach as the starting point. During the flight, I was given a GoPro with a selfie stick to capture the breathtaking views and your smile. Immediately after the flight, they'll give you the memory card. 

BGB TIP - For safe paragliding, the maximum passenger weight should not exceed 100 kilograms.

Paragliding in Bali has showcase stunning sites – its coral reefs, white sand beaches, and contrasting colors of beach shacks are a site to cherish only from up in the sky. You can also see Melasti Beach, which has a nice overlook.

Do's and Don'ts Tips for Paragliding in Bali

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must – make sure your sunglasses fit well.

  • Long sleeves can help protect against the sun.

  • Paragliding is not advisable for pregnant women or people with heart conditions.

  • Always prioritize safety by choosing reputable operators for your paragliding in Bali experience.

Upon arrival at Timbis Paragliding's base, we were quickly given the necessary equipment and briefed before heading to the launch area. The 15-minute flight over Melasti Beach Uluwatu is an experience filled with breathtaking views, joy, and little tears for us. 

Final Thoughts 

Paragliding in Bali is an adventure that truly elevates your travel experience. The combination of professional organization, stunning landscapes, and the exhilaration of flight makes it a must-try activity on the island. Ensure that you are dealing with suitable operators who care for your safety, too. 

If there are other activities you want me to try in Bali, feel free to send us a message.

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