16 Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Bali 2024 for Honeymoon

Looking for a unique and intimate bamboo treehouse in Bali? Here's our list of Best Bamboo Tree Houses under $500 USD you can experience in Bali.

Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Bali Perfect in Bali

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Bali, an island known for breathtaking landscapes suitable for romantic getaways, is a haven for couples seeking a romantic escape or if you are looking for a quick weekend getaway from Bali's busy parts of the island. Suppose you want a more memorable and relaxing experience during your dream holiday vacation. In that case, these bamboo tree houses offer a unique blend of nature, luxury, and intimacy among its many allures.

In this article, we explore the 16 best romantic bamboo tree houses in Bali that promise an unforgettable experience for your honeymoon.

BGB Tip: Remember that Bali Bamboo Houses are popular accommodations these days and very quickly sell out. Book in advance to ensure your Bali Bamboo House is still available for your trip there. The cheapest villas start from around $250 USD per night and go up to almost $600 USD per night.

Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Bali

Best Bamboo Tree Houses near Ubud

  • Aura House price starts from $480 a night

  • Stone House price starts from $405 a night - Editor's Choice

  • Bambu Indah price starts from $345 a night

  • Green Village price starts from $150 a night

  • Firefly Eco Lodge price starts from $60 a night

Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Tabanan

Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Sidemen

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Best Bamboo Tree Houses in Bali

🛖 Magic Hills

Located in a peaceful part of Sidemen, Magic Hills has four unique bamboo Eco-Luxury Lodges with a stunning panorama of the surrounding rice paddies. You've seen this famous Bali bamboo home from several influencers and articles. Witness a well-crafted Bamboo Treehouse fusion of minimalist design. It's like stepping into a storybook; imagine waking up to a stunning sunrise where you can see Mount Agung.

The most famous house is the Princess Bamboo House; you'll wake up to chirping birds and a morning mist, then hike around the neighboring slopes, all before a stunning sunset. After a long day of stargazing, relax with a movie under the stars in the open-air lounge. Experience nature with your outdoor bathroom and jump into your private pool. This is a fantastic choice for honeymooners and nature lovers; you can go right outside with any of the houses, each still enjoying the comfort of modern facilities and 360-degree panoramic views over the rice fields and Mount Agung.


Located at Selat, Camaya is a newly developed tourist resort close to Sidemen: five unique bamboo houses, each with a unique architectural design. The Suboya Bamboo House is one of Camaya's most famous bamboo tree houses. Each bamboo house is uniquely crafted, furnished aesthetically pleasing, and full of details, making it a memorable place to stay. With the structures open, you can experience Bali's calming nature, waking up to birds chirping and a stunning dawn. Enjoying a stay at this exclusive Bali lodging is just amazing.

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🛖Hideout Bali

Hideout is one of the first famous luxury bamboo tree houses in Bali, known for its beautiful architecture. The Hideout Bali was situated in a very peaceful place close to Selat in East Bali and near Sidemen. Traveling to Hideout is more than an hour from Canggu or Ubud, so we suggest you stay at least 2-3 nights here. It's a little costly compared to other bamboo treehouses in Bali, but it is worth visiting here. We suggest choosing between the Falcon and Cocoon rooms. Both have amazing views, but the interiors and architectural designs here are stunning.  Don't miss out on booking this hidden gem because of its breathtaking views and well-crafted interior designs.

🛖Green Village

Situated along the Ayung River, a short distance from the renowned Green School, Green Village is an entire community of environmentally conscious individuals far beyond being a mere assortment of lovely bamboo houses in Bali. The luxury villas you can choose from are designed by the architectural guru IBUKU and are constructed almost exclusively from bamboo. Each bamboo house with two to five bedrooms is designed with an open layout to take advantage of the natural light airflow and experience nature's beauty. You will have access to the village's community area, where you can interact with travelers and green ex-pats who share your values.

🛖Firefly Eco Lodge

Firefly Eco Lodge is a four-story bird's nest, unlike any other bamboo structure in Bali. Each floor of the bamboo ladder leads to comfortable rooms. You can spend the entire day lounging on the ground floor and socializing with fellow travelers in common, living, and kitchen areas. You can book one- or two-bedroom cottages if you want more privacy.

🛖Stone House

Stone House is a fantastic choice if you want to avoid traveling far to experience a unique bamboo treehouse. Stone House is located 10 minutes north of Ubud. In the middle of a tropical jungle, Stone House features six boutique bamboo houses, each with a unique architectural design and a beautiful garden. The highly rated bamboo house in Stone House is their Tree House, a bamboo villa overlooking a breathtaking view of the rice fields. With its open-air room perched high above the jungle, surrounded by coconut trees and a small river below.

🛖Veluvana Bali

Escape to Veluvana Bamboo House in Sidemen, Bali, a tranquil bamboo hideaway against Mount Agung's southern slope. This hidden gem is only a 90-minute drive from Bali Airport and 45 minutes from Ubud, and it is close to attractions such as Lempuyang Temple, Besakih, Tirta Gangga Water Palace, and others. The upper level features an all-bamboo bedroom with views of Sidemen Valley and Mount Agung and a lovely hanging net balcony for sunrise and sunset leisure. You can also request a romantic getaway package at Veluvana, which comes with a flower bath and floating breakfast and ends in a candlelit dinner by the pool.

🛖Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa

Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa is a bamboo treehouse resort and spa in Sidemen, Bali. They are known for their premier destination for a romantic getaway. Situated in one of Bali's most scenic yet less-traveled regions, this award-winning retreat is just an hour's drive from Ubud. Samanvaya is known for luxurious bamboo houses, with the Rice Barn villa offering stunning panoramic views of the rice terraces. This villa is a serene sanctuary, perfect for relaxation. To top off this experience, check out their spa, Andana Spa, and the traditional Balinese massage and flower bath for more relaxation. You can also enjoy dining at their restaurant, Asri, which is known for the culinary experience in Sidemen with a fusion of traditional Indonesian and international cuisine.

🛖Bird Hills

Bird Hills Bali provides a unique hideaway where the stunning scenery, quiet environment, and one-of-a-kind design come together to offer an unforgettable experience. The villa's local owners stand out for their friendliness and excellent service. It's a beautiful area, with immersing natural settings, birdsong, and morning vistas that left me speechless. Bird Hills is a one-of-a-kind fairytale-like experience. Situated in a quiet area of Sidement, you can enjoy Bird Hills, unplug from the bustle and rush of regular life, and reconnect with Mother Nature, making it to your Bali bucket list.

🛖Bambu Indah

Found in the central region of Bali, Bambu Indah is an exceptional location designed by the renowned jewelry craftsman John Hardy. Features a variety of bamboo cottages near the river, and enjoy the natural swimming pools and everything Ubud's natural surroundings have to offer. Each bamboo house in Bambu Indah overlooks the river and the scenic landscape, crafted with handcrafted artifacts mixed with traditional Indonesian architecture. The villa with the most beautiful view is the Tree House, between two ancient Banyan trees. It's cozy even for three people and has the best view of the entire resort. If you want to check out the area, you can book a day pass and enjoy a peaceful walk around the grounds.

🛖Avana Bamboo Luxury Villas

Avana Bamboo Luxury Villas is situated at Sidemen, an extraordinary treehouse that offers a unique experience. This beautifully crafted three-story bamboo abode is perched 15 meters high and can accommodate two people for an overnight stay amidst nature. You can experience this enchanting location and its breathtaking views of the surrounding rice fields and the Mount Agung volcano. Jump into your exclusive infinity pool or relax in your sunbed net. And if you're searching for an exceptionally romantic honeymoon destination. This place even provides an optional romance package with a four-course candlelit dinner, a couple's massage, a flower bathtub, and a delightful breakfast in the pool.

🛖The Nude House

Situated in a serene and authentic rural area of Bali, The Nude House's bamboo structure creates an atmosphere resonant with a fairy tale. Embrace charming viewpoints of the green rice terraces and the majestic Mount Agung volcano from the convenience of your room. This bamboo tree house is ideal for those searching for tranquillity and a peaceful environment. The bathtub at the Nude House is one of the most viral posts on Instagram that you shouldn't miss.

🛖 Oniria

The Oniria bamboo house and architecture wonder is located between Selat and Sidemen in East Bali, surrounded by rice fields, volcanoes, and jungle views. Experience the vibrant beauty of living indoors and outdoors at Oniria. This unique bamboo private villa blends in with nature in such a calm setting that you may enjoy complete solitude and luxury all at once. Because there aren't many restaurants around this area, you can request a romantic private candlelight meal prepared in the villa.

🛖 Aura House

Aura House is instantly recognizable thanks to its famous egg-shaped window overlooking the Bali sunrise. This bamboo villa in Bali is a five-star retreat that disappears into its natural setting. This Airbnb is just a short distance from Canggu and Ubud, making it an ideal location for a quick weekend getaway in Bali. It is also near famous tourist spots, including Tegenungan waterfall and the Tegalalang rice fields, within driving distance of the Aura House.

🛖 Ulaman Eco-Luxury Resort

Ulaman is where you will find some of the most exciting bamboo houses in Bali, offering a blend of eco-luxury. Imagine bamboo houses along the river or villas perched on long bamboo pillars. The best part is that all the facilities here are eco-friendly and luxurious, worthy of a five-star rating. Experience their lotus-shaped restaurant, which provides international fusion, or the two infinity pools that look out over the river and the waterfall.

You can also enjoy the beautiful yoga shala, vibrant fitness center, and tennis court are also available. The resort has not one, but two spas - the Riverside Spa with hot and cold plunge pools, a steam room and infrared sauna, and the sky-high Tree House Spa. You can also participate in a traditional Balinese water ceremony in the riverside SUP yoga and join village tours.

🛖Suenyo Eco Retreat

One of the most beautiful bamboo homes in Bali is hidden among the trees of Tabanan, so you'll have to take a second look to find it. Suenyo Eco Retreat is a tropical oasis where you can find peace beside the Yeh Poh River and amid thick jungles. The retreat honors its surroundings by allowing guests to participate in traditional Balinese rituals, sample authentic Indonesian cuisine, and participate in tailored healing programs. Stay in stunning one-bedroom bamboo villas with your infinity pool and eye-popping interior decor.

Experiencing Bamboo Tree House should be part of your honeymoon Bali travel bucket list. Let us know which one is your favorite from our list.

If you have additional romantic Bamboo Treehouse that you recommend for us to include in the article, send us a message, and we'll be happy to update this list.

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