Weekend Getaway at Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge | Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

Escape to Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge for a weekend getaway in the heart of Tabanan's lush jungles. Read our latest review of this boutique resort that redefines eco-luxury.

Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

Sarinbuana Bali Ecohodge is a 1.5-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Canggu and the cultural center of Ubud. Located at the base of Mount Batukaru, you'll find this eco-friendly jungle resort in Tabanan

In this article, I'll share more about how this unique jungle resort in Bali can help you refuel your soul, renew your spirit of adventure, and realign with the rhythms of nature. 

A Jungle Resort in Tabanan Bali

I was searching for a new area in Bali where I could connect more with nature and restore my energy. And this is a perfect weekend getaway. I booked a Grab bike from Ubud to Tabanan, which cost me IDR 130,000 or $9 USD. If you're with a big group, book a private car and take a chance to visit Sangeh Monkey Forest and the Jatiluwuh Rice Terraces before checking in if you're coming from Ubud. 

Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

On the way to the lodge, I experience the breathtaking views of the rice terraces and rainforest, only a 25-minute stroll away before the entrance. In this lush sanctuary, every path leads to a more intimate connection with nature. When I arrived, I was welcomed immediately by the lodge owner, Linda, who showed me to their reception office for the check-in.

Why book at Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge? 

Despite its location in the remote area central area of Bali, this jungle resort is in the middle of the rainforest, which makes my experience unique. Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge is also one of the few resorts I have found with extraordinary advocacy for sustainability. 

Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

The lodge is a great, simple private getaway in the remote mountains of Bali. Surrounded by nature and nurtured by a few local farming families.​ I enjoy the panoramic views that vary depending on the weather and time of day, so I always look at them. It's also calming and beckons you to forget about your cell phone and worldly woes.

I first heard of this place from Gojek drivers who live in Tabanan; they kept suggesting I visit this area of Bali. There are only a few accommodations in Tabanan that offer a significant area of rainforest where I can easily walk around. And if you don't drive a bike, it's a challenge to go around in this area of Tabanan since there are only a few Gojek or Grab drivers, and it's pretty far from the center of Tabanan. That's why I opted to stay in this Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge since they have a restaurant and spa inside the jungle resort.

Eco-Tourism & Commitment to the Local Community

The bungalows in Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge were uniquely crafted using woven bamboo and local timbers. I was amazed to see all the bungalows in a very natural setting. You can truly witness the focus on maintaining the conservation and sustainability of the entire lodge area. 

Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

My first visit to Sarinbuana Bali Ecologde was last year, compared to other resorts in Bali that encountered challenges during the pandemic. You'll see how well-maintained the area is and how committed it is to keeping the jungle. Their sustainability advocacy is from farm-to-table servings in their restaurant. It includes their waste management and housekeeping, which is chemical-free & permaculture gardens provide produce to the kitchen, which is truly impressive. They also helped the local community in Tabanan by sharing information on best practices for waste management and permaculture farming.

Boutique Jungle Resort in Tabanan

Ecolodge with a Natural Pool in Bali

Their natural pool is one of the best unique swimming experiences I loved most in my quiet getaway. It was my first time seeing and swimming in a natural water pool; while enjoying the cold waters of the pool, you also get to witness the fish enjoying this natural water. They used a live, plant-based filtration system, unlike conventional chlorine-treated pools. This environmentally friendly development keeps the water clean and revitalizing without harsh chemicals, making for a relaxing swim that's easy on the skin and the planet.

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

Bungalow Rooms at Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge

I stayed at the Cosy View budget bungalow, which has two beds, a small terrace with mountain views, and a private bathroom with a shower. As I lay in bed at night listening to the sounds of the jungle, I realized how dark it was, a sign of how remote and thankfully untouched the area is. I loved every morning; you can see the world around you come to life.

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

There's also no air conditioning in the rooms, but the weather at the Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge is not too hot compared to other places in Bali. I know this is an essential feature to some, but most jungle lodges in Bali don't have it—or screens on their windows, for that matter. And I didn't encounter any mosquitoes or bugs during my stay. Just a tip: bring a jacket and long pants. Even though the room was small and had no air conditioning at night, it was freezing.

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

Whether traveling solo or with a big group, you can choose from the budget-friendly six bungalows, which all have private tropical gardens & mountain views. They have six elevated bungalow suites that accommodate two to five people; they've been thoughtfully spread out across the jungle resort to ensure maximum privacy. All you see from your room views are pure nature, and there's also no Wi-Fi in the room, so you'll get to connect with nature. 

I was fortunate to see a few of the bungalows before the other guests arrived over the weekend. Each space is minimalistic and lovely, thanks to the inclusion of reclaimed hardwood into the furniture and architecture. The bigger bungalows also have beautiful stone showers, and there is also a very luxurious outdoor area built on a wooden deck that is hidden and surrounded by a small garden of flowers. Here are the prices of their bungalow: 

  • Two private bedrooms with spacious outdoor & indoor living areas and an indoor tropical garden bathroom.

  • Price from IDR 2,800,000 or $180 USD (*Price may vary)

  • Suitable for 2- 5 people 

  • Check Room Availability at Booking.com

Sarinbuana Ecolodge
Sarinbuana Ecolodge

Best Restaurant in Tabanan

Try their restaurant once, even if you're not staying at the resort. They serve excellent food, with numerous raw, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives. I really loved all their smoothie bowls and freshly made juices, and their coffee is also harvested from the farm inside the property. Try also 'Forever Young Salad' and the soups. All spices, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are chosen fresh from the organic garden and carefully prepared.

Every evening, they have a different menu and even pizza night, perfect for their great selection of Australian wine and excellent handcrafted ice cream. Make sure to try their other flavors of ice cream, and my favorites are chocolate and coconut. I also got to try their chocolate mousse, which is produced from raw local organic cocoa beans and has no eggs or dairy, which was delicious!

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

Up to 50% of the food they serve in the restaurant originates from their organically maintained permaculture gardens, as well as their vegetable, herb, and salad beds. 

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

At the lodge, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served; however, red meat is not an option to reduce the lodge's environmental footprint. Locally obtained foods are used whenever feasible in the kitchen and handled by locals of nearby communities who like cooking.

Things to do around Sarinbuana Bali Ecologde

Apart from swimming in the natural pool, you can also practice yoga in their yoga shala in the middle of the forest for sunrise yoga. Going down the trail after the shala, you can dip into the small natural waterfall inside the lodge property.  

Sarinbuana Ecolodge

You can also book tours at the lodge going to the rainforest of Mt. Batukaru and see the farm and garden that they managed to help the community as well or even join a cooking class. You can also enjoy a bird-watching tour with a local guide and learn about the importance of conserving nature and preserving the bird population. The eco-lodge is dedicated to spreading awareness among the local community about the multi-benefits of protecting the environment. If you want to end your day more relaxed after your tours, they also offer massage and other wellness and relaxation treatments.

There is also a nearby waterfall 10 minutes drive from Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge called Tibu Sampi, and you can also drive around the beautiful rice terraces. 

Is Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge Suitable For Families?

Yes! But, due to the unpredictability of nature and the jungle environment, all kids should always be supervised. If you are a big family or group, I suggest you book beforehand since the entire lodge quickly gets fully booked, especially during weekends or holidays.  

Is it worth staying at Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge?

Absolutely! One of the best ways to experience a genuine connection with culture and nature in Bali is by staying in Tabanan. This eco-paradise shares excellent knowledge about sustainability and eco-tourism with their guest just by witnessing how they created and maintained this lovely resort. Kudos to the entire team of the Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge!

How can I book at Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge?

You can book directly at the hotel by booking at their website or by sending them an email at info@baliecolodge.com. But the fastest way to connect with them is via WhatsApp (+62) 813 390 288 39. But if you can't wait to secure your bungalow at this eco-paradise, you can book directly at Booking.com.

If you want to learn more about Sarinbuana Bali Ecolodge, we would be happy to update this post; let us know in the comments your questions.

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