Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

Explore the wonders of Angel Billabong's natural pool, and learn why you should include it in your Nusa Penida trip.

Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

Photo by vherliann / Unsplash

Angel's Billabong is one of the most beautiful sites you need to visit when in Nusa Penida. You can experience the clear blue tide pools from the ocean waves on the west coast of Nusa Penida. You can witness nature's creation with its unique rock formation, creating this natural infinity pool that overlooks the ocean.

You can visit Nusa Penida island on a day trip or spend two nights exploring this island. In this blog post, we'll share all the information and give you all the details about Angel's Billabong, the Broken Beach next door, and the secret Manta-Ray viewpoint around the corner!

Complete Guide to Angel Billabong Natural Pool in Nusa Penida

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Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

How do you get to Angel Billabong on Nusa Penida from Bali?

Getting to Angel Billabong from Bali is very accessible, located on the west coast of Nusa Penida. You need to book a fast boat or ferry from the port of Sanur, Kasumba, or Padang Bai to get to Nusa Penida. You can hire a car from the port or rent a scooter to get around Nusa Penida. You can also do a Nusa Penida Day trip from Bali, an average of 8 hours for the entire day tour. 

BGB TIP: Book your ferry or fast boat tickets in advance, especially during peak season from November to January. 

How do you get to Angel Billabong from Nusa Penida port? 

Navigating Nusa Penida's roads can be challenging because road narrowness has yet to develop fully. Renting a car or having a local driver drive you for safety is advisable. 

The journey from Nusa Penida harbor to Angel alone can take up to an hour because the roads are narrow. You can pre-arrange your driver while still in Bali or make arrangements at the transportation booth at Nusa Penida Port. Expect car transportation charges to range between $40 and $50 USD for a comprehensive day tour. My personalized tour package included transportation from my Bali hotel, admission fees, and guided tours of Broken Beach, Angel's Billabong, Kelingking Beach, and Crystal Bay.

Here's the location map for Angel Billabong.

BGB TIP: It costs IDR 15,000 or $1 USD for a combined entrance to Broken Beach and Angel's Billabong on Nusa Penida. Like most attractions on the island, the fee is cash only.

Is it safe to Visit Angel's Billabong?

Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

Yes, Angel's Billabong is located near another famous spot, Broken Beach, and due to their proximity, tourists often explore both sites in a single trip. The journey to Angel's Billabong on Nusa Penida can be challenging due to the rough or steep roads. However, this only enhances the sense of adventure associated with this site. Despite its beauty, visitors are advised to prioritize safety as the rocks can be slippery and wave conditions unpredictable. The bottom floor of this pool is made up of flat rock slabs, which makes it unique from conventional sandy pools around the island, but it can also be a little slippery. 

When is the best time to visit Angel's Billabong?

Visiting any tidal pool in Angel's Billabong requires careful timing. You can check out the Magic Seaweed site, which can help you determine the best time for your visit. 

Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

Photo by Milin John / Unsplash

Depending on the tide, the pool's appearance drastically changes with high tide, and for safety, sometimes, they don't allow tourists to go down the pool due to the strand waves. The ideal visit to experience the natural pool of Angel Billabong is during low tide. Once you know when low tide occurs, you can plan and schedule the order of the spots you want to visit. During my visit, I planned it early as my first stop because this place is trendy, and by the time it was 9:30 onwards, it was already crowded. 

Things to know about Angel's Billabong? 

The water in Angel Billabong is extremely clear, allowing you to view the patterns and textures beneath the surface. In specific locations, the water is deep enough for a quick plunge! It is a famous place in Nusa Penida because of its unusual landscape. The color of the water, rocks, and type of reflection in the pool will vary depending on the time of day and whether or not the sun is shining. That is the beauty of Mother Nature: she is constantly changing and surprising us.

Angel's Billabong is a nature-formed infinity pool, and the rock formations were created by the tides of the ocean that hold the seawater and provide a unique swimming experience.

Prioritize safety by checking tidal dependence and avoiding any risk during high tides. The waves in Nusa Penida can be extra strong; there were incidents in which tourists were slammed into the rocks due to the strong waves. Before visiting, always check when the best time is for low tide. Although it's still safe in Angel Billabong, it's nice to be extra cautious not to play with nature's power. The water is so clear around Angel Billabong and all over Nusa Penida, and you can enjoy the marine life from the cliffsides of the island.

Manta Ray Viewpoint from Angel Billabong

Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

You can also walk to another tourist spot in Nusa Penida called Broken Beach from Angel Billabong. Five minutes from Angel Billabong, you can also experience a seaview with an archway made of trees, and you'll see the coast and the beautiful ocean.  This is the cliffside where the Giant Manta Rays swim around the sea. You can sit on the cliff rock and watch the Manta Rays. 

Visit the Arch Bridge of Broken Beach

Broken Beach is a stunning viewpoint at Nusa Penida; its name is the archway surrounding the bay, allowing the water to flow in and out of the ocean. 

Exploring Angel Billabong, Natural Infinity Pool

Photo by vherliann / Unsplash

Over many years, the arch at Broken Beach has formed and is now a remarkable sight. From above, the cove looks almost circular and enclosed; however, at eye level, the arch is reasonably high.

FAQs about Angel Billabong

Is Angel Billabong worth visiting?

Yes! Angel Billabong's viewpoint is unique and one of the most beautiful sites in Nusa Penida you shouldn't miss.

How much is the Angel Billabong Nusa Penida entrance fee?

The entrance fee in Angel Billabong is IDR 15,000 or less than $1 USD. They only take cash and ensure you have a small value for easy transactions. If you book a tour before visiting, most of the time, the entrance fees are included.

If you think we missed any additional information, message us and we will be happy to update this article.

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