Holiday in Bali: Why Bali Is So Cheap?

Discover why Bali is so cheap, and plan your affordable tropical escape now. Here's our quick guide on how to enjoy Bali that fits your budget.

Why Bali is so Cheap?

If you are still unsure if Bali is for you, in this post, we'll share why Bali is so cheap and perfect for different types of travelers. If you're seeking the perfect blend of cultural immersion, relaxation, and adventure, look no further than Bali, the famed Island of the Gods. What sets Bali apart from other destinations is its affordability, allowing you to experience its beauty without breaking the bank. Let's dive into why Bali is so budget-friendly and explore some prices in both US Dollars (USD) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Why is Bali so cheap?

One of the main reasons why Bali is so cheap is because of the affordable exchange rate of US Dollars to the Indonesian Rupiah. Indonesia has a lower cost of living than Western countries, which translates to lower prices for goods and services. The necessities, such as food, transportation, and accommodation, are significantly cheaper in Bali than in more developed countries. This allows tourists to enjoy a wide range of amenities at a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere.

Why bali is so cheap?

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The country's currency, the Indonesian Rupiah, has a relatively low value compared to the US Dollar (1 USD is approximately 14,000 IDR). This exchange rate benefits foreign tourists, as their spending power increases significantly when they convert their money to IDR.

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Is Accommodation Cheap in Bali?

Bali is known for its wide accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses. This variety means that there is something for everyone, regardless of budget. Travelers can easily find clean, comfortable, and affordable places, often with amenities like swimming pools, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi.

Why Bali is so cheap?

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No matter your budget, Bali has accommodation options for everyone, from luxurious villas to cozy guesthouses. Check out the typical accommodation prices in Bali below:

  • Hostels to Budget guesthouses: $10-$20 USD per night (IDR 140,000-IDR 280,000 )

  • Mid-range hotels: $30-$60 USD per night (IDR 420,000- IDR 840,000)

  • Luxury resorts and villas: $100-$300 USD per night (IDR 1,400,000-IDR 4,200,000)

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Is Food Expensive in Bali?

Eating out in Bali is not just a culinary treat but also wallet-friendly. Look at these typical food prices: Nasi Goreng, a popular fried rice dish, can cost as little as {10,000 IDR} ($0.70 USD) from a street vendor. A serving of Mi Goreng, another popular noodle dish, costs about {15,000 IDR} ($1 USD) at a local warung (small restaurant). A plate of Gado-Gado, a delicious vegetable salad with peanut sauce, can be enjoyed for around {20,000 IDR} ($1.40 USD) at a local market.

If you're looking for Western or higher-end cuisine, prices can be slightly higher but still affordable compared to other popular tourist destinations. Frood at a restaurant can cost from {50,000 IDR} ($ 3.50 USD) to {250,000 IDR} ($11 USD). Overall, dining in Bali can be very economical and an enjoyable experience for foodies.

Why bali is so cheap?

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  • Local warungs (small family-owned restaurants): $1-$3 USD per meal (14,000-42,000 IDR)

  • Mid-range restaurants: $5-$15 USD per meal (70,000-210,000 IDR)

  • Upscale restaurants: $20-$50 USD per meal (280,000-700,000 IDR)

How Much is the Transportation in Bali?

Transportation in Bali is very easy and affordable. You can easily call a taxi, book a Grab or Gojek, or rent a scooter. Booking a private car service is also readily available; you can arrange it from your accommodation or go to tourist information booths across the island. Here are some local transportation options:

  • Scooter rental: $5-$7 USD per day (70,000-98,000 IDR)

  • Private car with driver: $40-$60 USD per day (560,000-840,000 IDR)

  • Taxi: $0.50-$0.75 USD per kilometer (7,000-10,500 IDR)

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Is Shopping Cheap in Bali?

Haggling is common in Bali, particularly at local markets and street vendors. This allows savvy tourists to negotiate lower prices for souvenirs, clothing, and other items. By engaging in the bargaining culture, visitors can secure even better deals on their purchases, making their trips even more affordable.

Bali is a haven for shoppers, with markets and shops offering various reasonably priced goods. Some examples include:

Budget-Friendly Activities in Bali

The island offers numerous activities catering to every budget, from exploring temples, purification ceremonies, rice terraces, water sports, and yoga classes. These experiences can be enjoyed for less than $10 USD (140,000 IDR).

Final Thoughts

Bali is an affordable paradise for travelers thanks to a favorable exchange rate, low cost of living, and the availability of budget-friendly accommodation, food, transportation, shopping, and activities. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience the island's enchanting beauty without worrying about the expenses.


  1. How much money to carry to Bali?

    You won't need to bring extra cash to Bali because most vacation packages already include breakfast and lodging. Budgeting between $100 and $150 per day in Bali will be more than enough for a fantastic 6-8 day trip.

  2. Is $100 a day enough for Bali?

    Yes, $100 is a very comfortable daily budget; if you have already rebooked your accommodation or tours online, it's more than enough for each day as long as you are not looking for high-end luxury.

  3. Is $2000 enough for Bali?

    You can expect your flight costs to be the single most significant expense of your Bali vacation. However, you can still enjoy a week or two in Bali for around $2,000 and won't even have to rough it. We've compiled some tips to help you make the most of your money in Bali.

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