Tipping in Bali: What's the Tipping Culture in Bali?

Learn what's the tipping culture in Bali, from restaurants to accommodations, drivers, tour guides, and spas. Learn how to show gratitude to the warm and welcoming locals, making your island experience even more memorable.

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Bali's stunning beaches and incredible scenery are only part of its allure. The friendly locals, always ready with a smile and a helping hand, make every visitor feel welcome and comfortable. Although tipping is not mandatory in Bali, it's a good idea to tip for every service received, whether good or mediocre, given the low wages in the service industry. 

Here's a guide to tipping culture in various situations during your stay in Bali.

What's the Tipping Culture in Bali?

Tipping in Bali Restaurants

Tipping culture in Bali

Warung in Bali | Photo Credit from @ rettadd

In established restaurants, a service charge is likely included in your bill. However, add extra if you'd like to thank your server for exceptional service. In local warungs or cafes, where a service charge is uncommon, a small extra tip is a kind gesture to show appreciation for their food and service. No specific tipping percentage or amount is outlined; even a 'keep the change' gesture will be highly appreciated.

Tipping in Bali Hotel or Guesthouse

Tipping culture in Bali

Bali Resort | Photo credit from @ rettadd

Bali hotels typically include a service charge in their prices, so there's no need for additional tipping. However, a little extra is appreciated for exceptional service from staff like bellboys, doormen, or housekeepers. The recommended amounts for one-off generous tips start at IDR 50,000 or $4 USD to IDR 30,000 or $2 USD 2per day for maid services. When booking private villas, ask if a staff tip is expected upon checkout.

Tipping Drivers in Bali

After a day of touring, it's customary to tip your driver an extra IDR 100,000 or $6 USD and cover at least one meal. Taxi drivers can be tipped by rounding up the fare and allowing them to keep the change. It's also a good idea to check that petrol is included in the price when arranging a trip with a driver, as you may be expected to pay extra for it.

Tipping Tour Guides in Bali

Tour guides often serve as translators, negotiators, and more, which makes them deserving of a tip. A tip of IDR 100,000 or $6 USD shows your appreciation for their exceptional service. However, remember that tipping is not mandatory, and you should only tip if you feel satisfied with the service provided.

Tipping at Spas in Bali

Tipping Culture in Bali

Experience the beautiful flower bath in Bali | Photo Credit from @ kate.goro

High-end spas usually include a service charge in their prices. For smaller, local spas, an extra IDR 50,000 can make the therapist's day. It's only fair to give a little back after you have been treated well during your spa appointment.

Tipping Delivery Drivers in Bali

For delivery drivers using apps like GO-JEK or Grab, an extra IDR 20,000 can make their day and improve their app rating. Consider tipping more during the rainy season when drivers may arrive drenched.

Final Thoughts

While tipping is not mandatory in Bali, it can make a significant difference for local workers. Small tips go a long way, and your generosity may ensure exceptional service on future visits. It's important to remember that kindness and gratitude can go a long way on the island, making your stay even more enjoyable.

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