Indonesia's Telkomsel SIM Card Guide for Foreigners

Comprehensive Guide Before Buying a Prepaid SIM Card in Indonesia

Indonesia's Telkomsel SIM Card Guide for Foreigners

Telksomel Network is the most prominent phone provider in Indonesia. In this blog post, I'll share everything you need to know about this mobile provider, with tips for Telksomsel prepaid SIM cards and postpaid.

Before living in Bali for almost two years, I visited Bali every year for a holiday. I always opted to get a Telksomel SIM card because it was very reliable, even when I went to smaller islands in Lombok or remote places around Bali. 

Which SIM card works best in Indonesia?

From my experience, coverage-wise, Telkosmel is still the best SIM card in Indonesia. Apart from offering 5G network, they are also a very reliable network that even works in Indonesia's small villages and remote islands.

If you work remotely or are traveling around Indonesia and must be constantly connected to mobile data. In that case, Telksomsel is the best option for staying connected and is very reliable even during rainy seasons. 

Other SIM card providers offering cheaper airport options are XL Xiata and Indosat. Next to Telksomsel, these are the second-best mobile providers in Indonesia, and they have more affordable plans for calls and texts that cater more to locals in Indonesia. 

Indonesia's Telkomsel SIM Card Guide for Foreigners

How long does a Telkomsel SIM card last?

In Indonesia, tourist SIM cards have many different data plans, which I will share in another section of this article, as well as a comparison of the prices you'll get from the airport.

For Telksomsel tourist SIM cards, the average activation time is 30–90 days. If you don't top-up your SIM of any amount after 30 days you will get a notification on when it will expire. I suggest you download the Telksomsel app so you can view the value of the credit you still have the gigabytes of the data as well.

You can choose data plans that could last for one day, one week, 14 days, or monthly, depending on your needs during your stay in Indonesia. 

Depending on the length of stay, I suggest how you top-up your credit. For my case I always get the lowest data since I don't really use call and text and most accommodations and cafes around in Indonesia have decent wifi connections.

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How do I activate my Telksomsel SIM card?

After you buy your SIM card, whether you get it from the airport, phone shop, or Telksomsel office, you need to insert it and register your phone; you need to give your phone's IMEI as the owner of the sim as part of Indonesia's rule. The staff or cashier will borrow a copy of your passport and register it for you. 

You can also buy a Telksomel SIM card online but you will need to pick this up at the branch you selected.

Indonesia's Telkomsel SIM Card Guide for Foreigners

Testing and checking if the new SIM card is compatible with your phone is better before leaving the kiosk and trying the data. This way, you can verify that the SIM card has been activated and won't have to be returned if it doesn't work.

Indonesia's Telkomsel SIM Card Guide for Foreigners

If you are unsure of how long to stay in Indonesia and don't want to keep changing your tourist sim card every 90 days, please register your phone's IMEI upon arrival at the airport. 

How do I top-up my Telkomsel prepaid sim card?

Adding a credit or topping up your Telksomel prepaid SIM card is easy. Just go to any convenience store that you will find in every corner of Indonesia. For a top-up, you can also go to Indomaret, Alfamart, or Circle K.

I've never tried purchasing any credit top-ups or using my credit card, so always bring cash with you when going to the convenience stores. 

It's still best to go to a convenience store so the teller/cashier can help you with your credit top-up. In my case, I usually ask for help from my Indonesian friends who have postpaid Telksomsel or Indonesian local banks to top up my credit and give them cash. 

Local Indonesian bank apps can top-up credit for Telksomel SIM cards, and this is the easier way, especially if you have local friends who can help you. 

What Are The Telkomsel Prepaid Plans?

Telksomel Prepaid plans don't have to be unlimited data, call, and text plans. So, always choose depending on the length of your stay and how much data you need. Most cafes and even local warungs in Bali always offer free and fast Wi-Fi, so staying connected is straightforward. 


Tourist Sim Prices

  • 25 GB Valid for 30 Days - IDR 400,000 or $27 USD

  • 38 GB Valid for 30 Days - IDR 450,000 or $30 USD

  • 55 GB Valid for 30 Days - IDR 550,000 or $37 USD

  • 100 GB Valid for 30 Days - IDR 850,000 or $57 USD

  • 200 GB Valid for 30 Days - IDR 1,250,000 or $84 USD

*** Please note that all these plans or prices may have changed when this article was posted. 

How do you buy a Telkomsel prepaid SIM card?

Step #1: Go to shops that sell Telksomsel prepaid SIM card

Buying a Telksomsel prepaid SIM prepaid card is very easy. You can get it upon arrival at any international airport in Indonesia. 

If you still need to do this at the airport, you can ask your driver or hotel to help you look for the nearest Telkomsel office, Indomaret, Phone Service Kiosk Circle K, or any nearby convenience store. 


SIM prices around Bali

Step #2: Pay for the SIM Card and choose the data package 

Depending on the package you want to buy, that's the amount you need to pay. You need to present your passport for the SIM registration, and the staff will also get your IMEI number for their data records. 

You can pay via debit or credit card, or if you have cash, They only accept cash payments with Indonesian rupiahs. 

Step #3: Start using your Telkmosel SIM and check the data balance

After paying the staff or cashier, they input the data plan you selected; you will instantly receive a text with your number of the amount and the data credit topped up. You can turn it on and check the mobile data to see if it's active already. 

When this is done, the option is to download the Telskomsel app to check the usage of your data credit while in Bali. The Telksomsel app is free to download and use. 

If you have more questions about Telksomel SIM Cards in Indonesia, feel free to send us a message and we'll be happy to update this article.

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How do I buy a Telksomel Tourist Prepaid Card

You can pre-order via the Telkomsel website and pick it up upon arrival in Indonesia. And you can also directly purchase at selected Telkomsel stores or booths at the airport or convenience stores.

Can I switch my Telksomsel prepaid sim card to a postpaid one?

No, You must apply for a postpaid SIM card if you do not to (a working or investor's visa). 

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